• Air Legion has an experienced and professional staff that serves customers throughout the southern US and Latin America. We typically serve multi-national corporations, independent businessmen, and government agencies with air charters and crisis evacuations. We can easily adapt to anyone’s existing emergency response program to conduct personal evacuations.

    Unlike most of the aircraft charter companies, we own our aircrafts and this allows us to guarantee availability when the need arises. However, our management staff also has access to third party aircrafts in different countries.

  • This latter point allows us to have the flexibility to give you the quickest response time possible. It also allows us to offer the very best solutions with all the services we offer.

    Whether or not you are an Air Legion subscriber, you can enjoy the numerous benefits that our aircraft charter service shares with corporate, personal, or VIP travelers. We will exceed your expectations before, during and after the journey. Your satisfaction-guaranteed experience begins with our aviation specialists who share personalized, 24-hour assistance.

  • They locate the ideal aircraft for your needs and customize your itinerary. You are assured of the highest level of safety, security and convenience. The world’s most discriminating private travelers, executives, entertainers, and government officials trust our expertise. With rapid response fleet capabilities and an uncompromising commitment to passengers, we stand at the forefront of aircraft charter and crisis flight services in the region.